“A dose of divine rock ‘n roll” China Shop

White Mystery is a two-piece band of fiery-haired siblings consisting of Alex and Francis White. The feisty garage rock duo takes their audience by storm with Alex’s robust vocals and fierce guitar, perfectly emphasized by brother Francis’s powerful drums. Catching this band live will leave you with a dose of divine rock ‘n roll and a reason to cherish redheads.

I grabbed the Chicago-based bro/sis twosome for a China Shop Q&A all about their fantastical musical skills…but really the conversation kept coming back to the hair.

I have to ask…is that your natural hair? Is there a secret recipe to making it look so fabulous?

Alex White: Yes it’s all natural red curly hair! The secret recipe is a mix of good recessive genes.

What role does your hair play in your stage show?

Alex White: Hair is a big part of your identity, right? So in a way it’s the red-hot engine for the White Mystery stage show.

As a pair of matching redheads, I’m sure you get all kinds of references, what kinds of nicknames do you guys get from fans?

Alex White: Redheaded fans call us by name, of course! The poet Thax Douglas calls Alex “carrot-topped Cleopatra” and Francis

How would you describe your sound?

Alex White: White Mystery sounds like a ginger rock explosion.

How long have you guys been playing together?

Alex White: Ten years, since we were little kids. Two years as White Mystery formally, ever since April 20, 2008.

What’s the craziest show you’ve ever played?

Alex White: Crowd surfers skidded their stomachs across a ceiling during a crazy house show called the Bloodline in Chicago, people were picking Fran’s drum set up, I was slipping sliding, and the walls were sweating!

I’m sure you have a strange fan story?

Alex White: In Seattle, a fan with dyed red curly hair came to the Pizza Fest show to meet Alex because someone told her she had a doppelganger in a band! Then a redheaded long hair dude from the Vancouver band Indian Wars met Fran and there was a flurry of eerie photos that night.

What inspires you?

Alex White: Each other.

Any pre-show good luck rituals?

Alex White: A good stretch and a smoke kicks off the show.

What is one thing you guys would not be caught dead wearing on stage?

Alex White: A mumu, S&M gear, Crocs, or a wig.

What is the most outrageous thing you guys have ever done on stage?

Alex White: We played after hours at Uncle Fun, a novelty store in Chicago. It was July and all the windows were closed so everyone was drenched! I (Alex) kept jumping on top of chairs during the set, which collapsed every time so I hopped on the drum set and wiped out on top of Fran. He got an eyeful of guitar headstock and whacked me with his sticks to wrap up the set!

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