“Miss Alex White,” The High Way with Kyle Shutt

Just uploaded! This week I was featured on The High Way with Kyle Shutt and discussed the Chicago punk scene, making movies, and of course… WEED. Check it out and let us know what you thought!

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Spread LOVE through ART

To celebrate Glendi, St. Andrew’s Women’s Philoptochos Society created inspirational signs celebrating stewardship to display on Lakeshore Drive and Sheridan Road for Holy Week. The three inspirational “LOVE” art signs were hung at St. Andrew’s Greek Orthodox Church during Holy Week, and are still on display inside the church, on Lake Shore Drive, and on Sheridan Road. Donations supported Philoptochos’ mission to help those in need, such as the St. Andrew Food Pantry, St. Iakovos Retreat Center, Greek American Care and Rehabilitation Centre, Philoxenia Charities, Hellenic Foundation, St. Basil Academy, International Orthodox Christian Charities (IOCC), St. Photios Shrine, meals for the elderly at our Parish, and many more. The public art project designed by Miss Alex White raised almost $7,000 during COVID-19.

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“Play the Waldos Forever Video Game,” Dispensary 33

Click here to view on Dispensary 33’s website.

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“Dispensary 33 has released a retro 8-bit video game,” Chicago Tribune

Click here to read the full article on the Chicago Tribune website.

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White Mystery Funky Dolls

In keeping with our tradition of releasing something new every 4/20 for 13 years, we present to you…WHITE MYSTERY FUNKY DOLLS!

Limited edition of 10 sets include Alex, Francis, and accessories. 🎸🥁

3D printed by @michaeluna with @aaron_mcnaught25 artwork.

Click here to learn more!

Happy 4/20 babies!

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Link to play: https://dispensary33.com/2021/04/the-… We converted our annual Waldos Forever Street Festival into Chicago’s first 420 video game! Every first-time player is automatically entered to win our 420 Grand Prize and will receive a coupon to Dispensary 33 via email until 4/22/2021.

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“The game was produced in part by local band White Mystery,” Block Club Chicago

Click here to read the full article on the Block Club Chicago website.

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“Traverse Chicago’s music community with White Mystery,” Consequence News

Click here to read the full article on the Consequence News website.

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Hands off! Comp on Spotify

If you missed out on the Hands Off! Comp cassette tape do not fret! Hands Off! Comp is available now on Spotify! One hour of rock ‘n’ roll goodness is only a click away. Click here to listen.

“This is a statement about there being no tolerance for predatory behavior in the rock scene. The buck stops here. We wanted to put together something special by womxn to empower womxn, as a collective force for change. Cassette culture and DIY culture must progress and maintain its importance moving forward for a better tomorrow inclusion accessibility for all artists. fuck boys clubs” – LG (Thelma and The Sleaze)

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“White Mystery’s ‘Party’ featured in ‘The Weekly Mix’,” KEXP

As host of the Northwest music show, Eva Walker made this mix locals-heavy, with artists you need to know! She also sprinkled in some of her non-local favorites, both old and new. Artists include Beverly Crusher, Danny Denial, P.R.O. and more.

1. Beverly Crusher – Pills
2. Danny Denial – Everything Is Terrible
3. White Mystery – Party
4. Vanna Oh! – Chaperone
5. New Track City – Pride
6. SAULT – Free
7. BaLonely – Stories
8. Stephanie Anne Johnson and the Hidogs – American Blues
9. IDLES – Grounds
10. Mr. Dinkles – I’m off My Meds
11. Rev. Sister Mary Nelson – Judgment
12. P.R.O. – Blacky Joe
13. TxR – Michelangelo (feat. Othelle Omega the Oracle)
14. Christa Says Yay – We Like Space!

Eva Walker is the host of Audioasis, every Saturday from 6-9pm PT on KEXP.org, the KEXP app, or 90.3 FM in Seattle.

Our available The Weekly Mix podcasts see over 100,000 downloads collectively per month, with an individual podcast receiving over 10,000 downloads, mostly in just a week’s time. Our podcasts are available on most podcasting aggregators, as well as on KEXP.org and RSS feeds.

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