“Rock’n’roll,” Beaumont Enterprise

I love a good press blurb on a band’s website.

“Rock ‘n roll so good, you might accidentally wet yourself,” says Billboard Magazine.

“The only thing with more buzz than this band is a hive of killer bumblebees quickly making its way to your face in an effort to kill you and your loved ones,” raves Rolling Stone.

“Easily the best post-punk band to come out of Gary, Indiana between Aug. 6, 2010 and Sept. 30, 2010, guaranteed,” writes GaryIndianaPunkRockInternetMagazine.biz.

OK, so I made those up. But it’s only because the press blurbs for Chicago brother/sister rock duo White Mystery — playing the Texas Rose on Tuesday — actually summed them up pretty well. Pitchfork talked about their high-energy sets and searing guitars, MTV called their sound “raw, relentless and primitive powerhouse rock ‘n roll” and Vice basically just called them gingers. But it’s all still pretty accurate.

This is, without using some nonsense buzzwords in an effort to make a killer press blurb, straightforward, no-frills, loud and driving rock ‘n roll. It’s not indie rock, it’s not post-hardcore (whatever that means), it is merely rock ‘n roll in its purest form, delivered by a brother and sister who clearly feed off each other’s intense energy.

I talked to Miss Alex White, guitarist and half of the White Mystery duo, about the band’s tour, their sponsorships and how they feel about their music ending up on MTV’s “Jersey Shore.”

Q. It’s been a big summer for you guys — you nailed an Imperial Cymbals sponsorship, your Facebook page blew up, you played a sold-out show with Garbage and Toyota is letting you hold onto a 2012 XB Scion for your White Mystery Revenge Tour. If I could render a guess, all this rampant success must obviously stem from one of your songs appearing on MTV’s “Jersey Shore.” Um … or something. Right?
A. Yes! It’s been a very exciting year, and playing Beaumont will be another feather in the cap.

Q. Did you have any reservations about your music being used for “Jersey Shore,” or in any other instances your music has been used by a commercial entity?
A. It’s cool creating a soundtrack for pop culture, and reaching new fans by placing music on television shows.

Q. Speaking of commercial entities, having a Toyota sponsorship must be such a great thing for traveling musicians — I know so many who struggle to get their beaten-down vans across the country. How did you come to partner with Toyota?
A. The White Mystery partnership with Scion started because they host rock ’n roll shows, and support the music scene. Driving is a huge part of being a touring musician, and it’s awesome Scion is part of that lifestyle.

Q. A lot of two-piece bands go into the studio with added musicians — do you guys go this route, or is it just you two in the studio and on tour?
A. It’s just two people on tour and in the studio. White Mystery is a strong, telepathic partnership between siblings.

Q. Talk to me about your most recent record.
A. White Mystery releases new music every April 20 like clockwork. The 2012 seven-inch is vinyl imported from New Zealand label Perpetrator Records, with three White Mystery songs: “People Power,” “Rapid Overdrive,” and “Toxic Sugar.”

Every track has a corresponding video — check it all out at WhiteMysteryBand.com

Q. What has been the greatest, most pertinent life lesson you’ve learned while touring?
A. No matter how bumps you encounter in the road, keep going.

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