2014_2_14_WM420_DUBBLEDRAGON_11298 Gatefold LP Jkt


The Darkest thing I can imagine is you are in hell and I am in heaven and then I will never ever see you again.
It’s impossible, because there’s no power, in this universe capable of severing our connection.
Your body’s my temple and it’s frozen shut on the road to ruin but stuck in a rut my eyes are blind and I don’t give a—my mind is melting frozen shut Dubble Dragon Molten metal monster truck Jörmungandr Ragnarok Earth Inferno burn to death from my mighty dynamite blast Paradise blazing hellfire lost lost taste the dust Dubble Dragon The darkest thing I can imagine is that you will go to heaven and I will end up in hell and then we will never see each other againEven if I can think it I know it’s impossible because there’s no power in this universe capable of severing our connection because we are the DUBBLE DRAGON Two creatures, one being, your hear my call echoing from the deep I’ll catch you as you fall back to earth we meet hold me. We will always be free to burn, combust, and maul loving in misery in flames we burn so bright. Beating our leathery wings the powers that be we fight in the balance eternity swings. Ice storms that emanate from evil queens spreading hate enemies at the gate on deaf ears fall their screams falling like mortars out of the heavensThe mortals wonder when will their lives end the burning will answer come Double DragonBombarding Black Rage Brutal Blood BarbariansI need somewhere to rest my head just trying to go to be the pain in my dreams it makes me see red I’ll part the red see and then drop deadFantastic visions await your deathEvil men make money of meat markets by murdering musicians.


Rotting pigs swing from hooks battery acid smile
My soul recoils in horror trapped inside my mortal coil
They’re taking us to the smoke houses death at the cow farm
slaughter house your only escape beloved butcher set my free fly
Fly on leathery wings



Yea You’re welcome

Yea You’re welcome
Didn’t even know about it
This is a song about love, or the lack thereof

Komodo Silverback

Severe pain, excruciate, carve out my insides, stabbing, shooting, dull knives self-inflicted disembowelment, drawn and quartered, my nerves snap like twigs, tortured from another dimension, praying for numbness.
Poison Decay Brute strength acid anger whipping tail sheer power bone cracking lizard eye violence vile nature aggression instinct kingdom phylum class order family genus species
Drenched in blood dark red pain scarlet flowing putrid smell makes me wanna barf taste bile warm baths toe curling moaning horror

Klaymor the Wizard

Its me, Klaymor the wizard. I’m here to put you back together with string, and tape, and band-aids, they all dance around you like magical friends
Axel is here; Fraxel is there; never fear we all dance, celebrate, whirl-away.

Follow me white rabbit

Tears of joy for all I’ve been given. Walks with the dog, and helpful women. Thank You for family and friends. Don’t grieve for me, I’m already gone. And it won’t be long until you sing this song, White Rabbit.

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