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Local rock trio The Disgustoids is known for getting a crowd grooving to its garage rock, punk and grunge sounds.

Chris Garcia on lead vocals and guitar, Hayward Ramsey on bass and Fuzzy Drumkins on drums and backup vocals credit their on-stage charisma to their friendship and desire to have a good time.

“We all just jell so well, and I can’t even imagine what we would sound like if the band didn’t consist of one of us,” Garcia said. “We all add layers to the music, and that’s what really gives us our sound.”

We sat down with The Disgustoids to discuss the band’s origin, inspiration and on-stage bloopers.

Q: What inspired The Disgustoids as a band name?

A: CG: A cartoon called “Secret Mountain Fort Awesome.” There are a race of monsters on the show called The Disgustoids, and I thought “We’re pretty disgusting!” The name just fit perfectly with the band, but also our lifestyle at the time. We did also consider Funk The Monkey as a band name, but that would eventually just become a song of ours.

Q: How did the band originally meet?

A: CG: I met our now drummer, Fuzzy Drumkins, at a tattoo studio. I asked him to be the drummer in a band I was in at the time called Delicious Fuzz (before The Disgustoids formed) with our friend Phil.

FD: Yes. Phil asked me “If our drummer can’t make it, do you mind drumming for us?” I agreed and after a week, me and Phil jammed together. I nailed all of their songs without even being familiar with the music. After a month I was called and asked if I wanted to be their full-time drummer.

HR: I was a fan first. I use to watch these guys perform live and I loved what I heard. Eventually we became friends and roommates. I heard these two playing one night at the house. I came out of my room with the intent to just jam with my friends, but it turned into more. Within days we were ready to perform. Our first show together was at a wedding.

Q: What inspired you guys to get involved with music?

A: HR: I was 14 years old when I picked up the guitar. I was a big Korn and Nu Metal fan at the time, and that band and scene really inspired me to pick up an instrument and play.

FD: I started when I was 8 years old. I use to bang on pots and pans in the kitchen. I grew up in an extremely religious household. So, bluegrass, gospel and old country music was mainly what was played at home. My inspiration was my dad though. He taught me to really harmonize with music.

CG: I started playing guitar at 13. The school I went to was a school for creative arts. There was a class offered for guitar. I took it and it was a great experience.

Q: How would you guys describe your sound?

A: CG: In the beginning, I was really inspired by two piece-bands like White Mystery, The White Stripes and The Black Keys. Also, when I use to work at The Logon Cafe, I saw a band play called Hair Cult and they had a sound that I really loved. They had elements of garage rock, indie and rock ‘n’ roll, but overall, they had a party rock sound and I really dug it. Now, our music has more of a ’90s alternative sound. There are still elements of garage, punk, grunge and fun though. Some songs are pretty introspective as well.

Q: What are your thoughts while performing live?

A: HR: I’m high-energy on stage and at practice. When performing live, I’m just so into feeling the music. So, I wouldn’t say that I focus on anything specifically other than just how the music sounds.

FD: If I start thinking, it’s over (laughs). It is all about really feeling the music.

CG: I think about so many things, from how I’m doing and the crowd reaction. I try to stay in the moment, but I’m always thinking. We put a lot of thought and work into the music. So, there are definitely vulnerable feelings from presenting songs that we’ve worked so hard on.

Q: Who has made the worst blooper live?

A: HR: At Kick Butt Coffee, in Austin, Texas, it was our first-out-of-town show. I have a wireless bass, and I run around on stage a lot. So, during that show I got really into it. I tried to jump back onstage, but I missed, hit my shin and landed hard on the floor, but I still finished the song while laying on the stage, despite the pain. That fall left a mark on my leg.

Q: Which song of yours represents the Disgustoids perfectly?

A: HR: I feel like “Six Pack of Love,” because there is a good blend of different elements.

CG: Yes! “Six Pack of Love” is definitely the song. It has romance, humor, punk, garage and more all in one.

FD: It is a great song, because it gives you a good taste of everyone’s abilities as well.

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